42 Mulhouse Grand Est

Learn the code. Break the codes.

The program

42 Mulhouse offers excellent IT training for all. The program of this different and innovative school includes a project-based approach to progress and develop technical and human skills required on the job market.

  • No lessons. No teachers. No classes.

  • A project-based pedagogy

  • A peer-to-peer learning process

  • Gamification

Our values

42’s position is unique in the world of higher education: it is based on strong values for sustainable professional insertion in the job market.

Why is 42 so different?

  • Free

  • For all

  • No diploma required

  • No need to already know how to code or to like math

Which future after 42 Mulhouse?

On a job market in huge demand for digital talent, 42 Mulhouse guides its students towards successful and sustainable careers.

What jobs and careers after?

After 42

The campus

42 Mulhouse is housed in KMØ, the Mulhouse Digital City dedicated to the industry of the future, surrounded by companies, start-ups, incubators… all the players in the field.

KMØ is an ecosystem located on a large industrial wasteland, in building 23. Its vocation? To become the center of innovation, digital and technology. The former production workshops have been rehabilitated in memory of the pioneers of Mulhouse’s industrialization, and a fresco has even been installed in the building’s lobby. It brings together numerous companies and three training centers.

An international network

42 Mulhouse is affiliated with a large network of 42 schools around the world. To date, there are 52 campuses.

Where are the other 42 campuses in the world?

Scattered across the world, the 52 campuses encompass all five continents. There are 5 in Africa, 4 in America, 12 in Asia, 30 in Europe and 1 in Oceania.





+18 000


0 €

cost of studies

26 y/o

average age on all campuses

In a nutshell, 42 Mulhouse is :


A 3-year program with no hidden costs.

For all

No diploma requirement, as long as you are over 18 years old.

Time for action

No classes, no teachers, but cooperation.

International network

More than 35 campuses, more than 20 countries around the world.

100% employment

In all fields of IT.

No need to already know how to code or to like math

The program starts from scratch.