After 42

In phase with companies, in phase with its time, 42 Mulhouse offers training in IT that enables students to meet the current and future challenges of the employment world. Integrated within the KMØ ecosystem dedicated to the digital transformation of industries, the Mulhouse campus puts students in direct contact with companies in the digital field.

The Ecosystem

What to do after 42 ?

Long-term integration into the professional world

85% of the jobs of 2030 don’t exist yet (étude Dell / IFTF). Based on this observation, 42 Mulhouse does not train for specific professions or technologies that will soon be forgotten. Instead, the emphasis is on the ability to reinvent oneself in order to be able to enter the job market in the long term. The training at 42 Mulhouse allows to obtain generic as well as more specific skills. When you leave 42 Mulhouse, you will be able to integrate all existing or future digital jobs.

Discover the skills developed during the training


Focus on the entrepreneurial jobs

The 42 program, which requires personal initiative, creativity and autonomy, encourages entrepreneurship. Many students and alumni decide to create their own start-up, join forces with other profiles from different backgrounds, or move on to positions of high responsibility in emerging companies.

Some examples of jobs

CTO, Entrepreneur, Product Owner, IT consultant, Lead developer…


Focus on cybersecurity jobs

Cybersecurity is not just about defending against hackers. It is also about ensuring that services, sites, applications or software are robust and in compliance with data protection laws. Computer security is today one of the most complete fields, which requires both a good level of programming and a good capacity of analysis and extrapolation.

Some examples of jobs

Site Reliability Engineer, Security analyst, Cybersecurity consultant, Security engineer, Database administrator, QA Engineer…

Intelligence artificielle

Focus on artificial intelligence jobs

With the advent of more and more powerful computers, artificial intelligence is progressing. What used to be a science fiction dream is becoming a reality every day through new applications. The jobs in this field are still emerging: what will they look like in a few years?

Some examples of jobs

AI Architect, Machine Learning Developer, Machine learning engineer…