The campus

42 Mulhouse opened its doors in November 2021. The school is based in KMØ, the Mulhouse Digital City dedicated to the industry of the future, surrounded by companies, start-ups, incubators... all the stakeholders in the field.

The ecosystem


KMØ is an ecosystem located on a large industrial wasteland, within building 23. It is located in the most western part of the complex, bordered on the outside (west) by the Mulhouse – Strasbourg railroad line. It was the assembly workshop for the spinning machines, built in 1896 by the entrepreneurs Gustave Roos and Auguste Haensler.

Its vocation? To become the center of innovation, digital and technologies. The old production workshops have been restored in memory of the pioneers of Mulhouse’s industrialization, and a fresco has even been installed in the building’s hall. It brings together numerous companies and three training centers.

The technologies

Offering the best

Everything is already available on site at 42 Mulhouse: no need to bring your own equipment. The building has been designed to allow students to study in the best conditions. At 42, it is normal to have open spaces, facilitating at all times contact, exchange and mutual aid with other members of the community.

More than 150 iMacs

A bold choice, based on the energy consumption of these computers, their modularity to allow development, their robustness and their aestheticism.

The fiber

With sometimes almost 200 students on campus, possibly simultaneously using the internet, connectivity is one of our priorities. A wifi network is also available inside the building.

The server room

At the heart of our building are two private calculation servers and two storage servers. They allow our students to access their personal space from any cluster computer.

The Superheroes

The team

If you need it, you will find our team at the Bocal. They will be there to accompany you throughout your Piscine and training

Access map

How to find us ?