The 42 Method

With 42, IT is not taught in a lecture hall: the learning is practical and based on the principles of sharing, collaboration and mutual aid.

The ambition

Training anchored in reality

Unlike short trainings, specialized in a field or a language that can become obsolete in a few months, 42 allows you to face technological changes with serenity throughout your whole career. The 42 method is based on “learning to learn”. It is the ability to adapt and find concrete solutions to problems based on current knowledge and tools.

The training

To learn how to learn

Learning together: the peer-to-peer

To surpass oneself at 42, it is necessary to progress. However, to get out of an impasse, the first reflex is to ask for advice from the people around you. Projects done independently or in groups must be discussed and corrected by other peers who have not necessarily followed the same progression. These are moments of exchange where you have to explain your choices. They allow you to consolidate your personal learning and to bring knowledge to the community. Collective intelligence, which allows for the emergence of good practices and the progress of the groups, has a major place at 42.

Learning through practice

Learning at 42 requires looking for concrete solutions to the problems that are proposed – rather than having to memorize lessons without any justification. From the first day, from the very first moments of the selection process to enter 42, the Piscine, you have to think for yourself by programming on one of the computers provided. Of course, we don’t ask to know how to do everything from the first day: mistakes and failures are not penalized. It is thanks to them that we can learn and retain lessons, much better than in a lecture. We have the right to make mistakes at 42: this allows us to succeed better when we try again, like in a video game.

Learning with fun

The progression of each and everyone is personalized. It is based on a system of experience points and levels, just like in a video game: it is gamification. There are several ways to reach 21, the highest level, and even to exceed it. The work atmosphere, maintained by the other members of the community, also provides group stimulation. Finally, to take a break, it is always possible to participate in one of the many events organized at 42 throughout the year.

The working environment

A campus to experience

To provide stimulation and make the 42 method a reality, the campuses of 42 and its partners have one overriding requirement: to make their buildings live.

Open Campus

A place to live, to study, to experiment, to emulate, and sometimes even to discover art.

Wide spaces

No closed rooms and valued common areas to meet and relax.

Continuous learning

The buildings are open 24h/24, 7d/7, all year round.

State of the art facilities

Work in the best conditions without having to invest money personally.

Diversity and mixity

A powerful tool for creativity and innovation that is not only ethically sound.


The creation of 42 Mulhouse

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